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The ordering meeting of ALFIERI spring and Summer 2016 new product came to a successful conclusion


ALFIERI  , elite business men's clothing brand ,  spring and summer 2016 new product release and ordering meeting had perfect ending !  The ordering meeting  , with the theme of the era of great power , take  you to taste British royal family fine and slow living culture. The meeting hall is elegant , luxurious and comfortable.

Window display  : Life outside the office in the Cocktail Time : Even if the formal suit, also need to hold fashion.

The ordering meeting of ALFIERI, inviting hundreds of elites in the industry, shows its enthusiasm by exquisite products, and thoughtful service, comfortable environment . Every detail embodies the brand concept of ALFIERI that is " pursuit perfection and strives for excellence".

Window display :  Enjoy The Outdoors , feel easy and integrate into nature.

A Gentleman And A New Style ,Excellence Naturally Extraordinary

Come From Noble and Elegant England Lifestyle

ALFIERI,The Business Suits Of Elite

Reproduct The Legendary OF British Gentleman Style